What Does a Chief of Staff Do and How to Become One?

Learn what it takes to become a Chief of Staff: qualifications needed, job openings & interview tips.

What Does a Chief of Staff Do and How to Become One?

As a chief of staff, you will be working closely with the CEO and reporting directly to them, conveying messages and ideas from other senior executive leaders to improve the company's internal functions and processes. Contrary to popular belief, most chiefs of staff do have direct reports. According to our research, 62 percent of bosses have at least one direct report, with an average of four. To be successful in this role, you must be able to ask tough questions, make difficult decisions, manage projects, and lead others.

You must also be a creative and result-oriented thinker, an excellent problem solver, and possess incredible interpersonal skills. Most positions require some level of education, such as a bachelor's or master's degree. The role of chief of staff is different from that of chief operating officer in that the COS depends directly and primarily on the CEO, not on the board of directors, other executives, or key stakeholders. They are strategic partners of their executives and all members of the company, from the receptionist to the middle management and the CEO.

Working well as part of a team is essential for success in this role since you'll have to collaborate with other executives from all departments to implement the CEO's vision. It is important to note that salary increases are not always guaranteed when transitioning from an executive assistant (EA) position to chief of staff. To become a chief of staff, you must first understand what it takes to be successful in this role. You must have excellent communication skills and be able to think strategically. You should also have a strong understanding of the company's operations and processes.

Additionally, you should have experience in managing people and projects. Finally, you should have a bachelor's or master's degree in a related field. Once you have the necessary qualifications, you can start looking for job openings in your area. You can also reach out to companies that you are interested in working for and inquire about any open positions they may have. Additionally, networking is key when it comes to finding a job as a chief of staff.

Reach out to people in your network who may know someone who is hiring for this position. Once you have found an opportunity that interests you, make sure that you are prepared for the interview process. Research the company thoroughly and practice your answers to common interview questions. Additionally, make sure that you are prepared to discuss your qualifications and experience in detail. Being a chief of staff is an incredibly rewarding job that requires dedication and hard work. If you are up for the challenge and have the necessary qualifications, then this could be an excellent career path for you.