The Role of a Chief of Staff in Senior Management

The role of Chief of Staff (CoS) is becoming increasingly popular in major companies and non-profit organizations. Learn more about this powerful figure in senior management.

The Role of a Chief of Staff in Senior Management

The three positions in senior management, executive assistant, Chief of Staff (CoS) and chief of operations, are all essential members of the team. In recent years, the position of CoS has become increasingly popular in major companies and non-profit organizations. It is a powerful figure in Washington and other government circles. Level C, also known as C-suite, is a term used to describe high-ranking executive positions in an organization.

The letter C stands for boss, such as executive director and director of operations. A digital director may also be responsible for helping the company to aggregate and digitize the data needed to demonstrate compliance. Caroline Pugh is the chief of staff for Aneesh Chopra, president of CareJourney, a health data analysis company based in Washington, D. C.

She is working with Berardi to launch an online membership network for future and current chiefs of staff. Executives in high-level positions are often considered to be the most influential members of an organization; consequently, these executives establish the company's strategy, make high-risk decisions, and ensure that daily operations align with the fulfillment of the company's strategic objectives. Like an executive assistant (EA), a chief of staff works only for the CEO and has no direct reports, except perhaps an intern or executive assistant. A chief of staff meets those requirements because, although he participates in every aspect of the company, the person who holds this position is ultimately focused on the CEO.

Organ's chiefs of staff have held executive positions and they have been able to transition into this role without a formal road map. While it is important to not let a chief of staff do work that has not been done by the CEO, tasks assigned to them can range from high to basic levels. The role of chief of staff originated in politics and the military, and is now increasingly being adopted by executive directors. Depending on the organization, the chief architect can oversee and coordinate the efforts of other architects specializing in specific technologies.

The configuration of your executive team should allow you to have an effective female chief of staff without strong personalities that could prevent a CO from doing her job. Some positions have evolved with business needs and have gained wide acceptance; the position of chief information officer has evolved in recent decades as companies have adopted technology. And Aretae Wyler, former CEO of Atlantic Media founder David Bradley, is now general counsel and managing director of the company.