How to Become a Chief of Staff: Training and Requirements

Becoming a Chief of Staff requires certain levels of education and experience. Learn more about what it takes to become a Chief of Staff and how PACE certification can help.

How to Become a Chief of Staff: Training and Requirements

Becoming a chief of staff requires a certain level of education and experience. Generally, employers prefer candidates with at least a bachelor's degree, although a master's degree may be preferred. Additionally, experience in the daily operations of the company is essential. If you are currently an executive assistant or in another position that does not have a chief of staff role, you may want to consider if your company could benefit from such a position.

The role of chief of staff can be instrumental in equalizing gender disparity in meeting rooms. The need for a strategic business partner, an intellectual partner, an advisor, and a collaborative leader in the form of a chief of staff is not going away anytime soon. This role is different from that of an executive assistant or chief operating officer, as it allows leaders to do their best work. When considering a career as a chief of staff, it is important to think about what industry or company you would like to work in and use this to guide your educational choices. Earning PACE certification can demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and commitment - all qualities that employers look for in their chief of staff or senior executive assistant. If you work in the government, military, health care, or tech industry, the position of chief of staff may already be familiar to you.

When deciding to become a chief of staff, it is important to understand the duties and responsibilities associated with this role. The answer to the question “chief of staff versus executive assistant” is not necessarily a product but rather an issue or process. It is possible to fill the functions of chief of staff with alternative titles that have the same functionality and authority but different names. If you are excellent at the following responsibilities and enjoy them, then becoming a chief of staff may be right for you. There is no single career path to becoming a chief of staff; professionals from different backgrounds and industries can obtain this role.

While the basics may be similar, the position of chief of staff in government may require different knowledge than that needed for a high-tech startup.